Virgin Trains - internal branding

For: Virgin Train brand team

Brief: To develop a new internal brand system to be used across all internal facing communications and IT platforms.

Responsibilities: As a brand team, to work closely with agency Chapter to develop the visual and written style. Once created, we were responsible for raising awareness of new branding and values and rolling out assets using the new style across multiple touch points.

As an individual I was responsible for working with agency Laws of Attraction to produce a screensaver for use across all company computers.

Outcome: We adapted the six Virgin Group internal values to suit Virgin Trains. We had a strong idea of how the branding should look, with flexibility being key. The result is a strong typographic style supported by bold colours, hand drawn illustrations and when relevant, photographic people shots.

For the screensaver we used an inspirational quote for each brand value. I also worked with Blink Designs who created a series of screen wallpaper backgrounds.

Computer screensaver visuals

Computer screensaver visuals, using inspirational quotes

Internal emails

'What's Happening' internal newsletter and 'Create Amazing' website awareness email.

The Virgin Way internal branding article

Background graphic for Virgin Trains internal branding article on The Virgin Way internal site

Create Amazing bookmark icon

iPhone bookmark icon for Create Amazing website

Create Amazing website leaflet

'Create Amazing' website leaflet

Intranet survey poster