Five Minute Intervention posters

For: HMPPS Communications

Brief: Creation of consistent poster communications reminding and encouraging prison officers to use ‘Five Minute Intervention (FMI)’ in their day to day conversations with inmates. This technique is proven to help offenders on their path to rehabilitation.

Responsibilities: Working closely with the FMI delivery manager and other staff to establish the content of posters, producing more than one concept for consideration.

Outcomes: A series of seven A3 posters: four using prisoner and officer quotes to highlight the benefits of FMI; three debunking common misconceptions about the technique.

Focussing on staff/prisoner quotes, interlocking speech bubble graphics and enlarged quotation marks made logical graphic elements. Using a restricted but bold colour palate enables the posters to stand out on prison walls which are often overcrowded with different communications. Core HMPPS branding elements such as logo positioning, brand colours and footer lock-up were retained.

HMPPS - Five Minute Intervention posters

HMPPS - Five Minute Intervention posters