Virgin Trains - Android messaging demo and presentation

For: Virgin Trains New Technology

Brief: Case study demo screens for Google‘s new Android messaging. Demonstrate how enhancements to exisiting pre-departure SMS messages could help customers and drive business.

Responsibilities: Working closely with the team at Google and Virgin Trains tech team. Making sure that the designs were consistent with other Virgin Trains digital platforms and that tone of voice was on brand. Alison also designed presentation visuals for the technology showcase in Barcelona.

Outcomes: The demo was well received by the telecoms industry, paving the way for the future of text messaging. It has the potential to ease pain points for Virgin Trains customers, such as finding your platform number and train seat.

Station plan for Android messaging demo

Station and seat plans via Android messaging

Shop info for Android messaging demo

Onboard shop infomation via Android messaging

Presentation slides for tech expo

Case study presentation slides