Virgin Trains - Big Thanks party

For: Virgin Trains brand and HR

Brief: To design and build an information microsite and ticket emails for the ‘Big Thanks’ staff party using design concepts provided by an events company.

Responsibilities: I was responsible for designing and building the party microsite and emails, ensuring consistency of style across all touch points. I worked with agency Elvis who provided backend functionality to the site.

Outcome: I translated the design concepts to a format that worked well online. The party was held over two separate weekends to allow as many staff as possible to attend so I gave tickets for each a different colour scheme. I also produced some internal posters and a post party commemorative CD label.

Big Thanks - Welcome
big Thanks - Directions
Big Thanks - Welcome
Big Thanks - Acts
Big Thanks - Directions
Big Thanks - FAQ

Big Thanks party website

Big Thanks email

Big Thanks emails

Big Thanks sign up poster
Big Thanks CD label

Big Thanks sign up poster and commemorative CD