Transport for London (TfL) - Pensions website

For: TfL on behalf of Willis Towers Watson

Brief: Review the user experience and propose user interface enhancements to the existing TfL pensions web pages, to be submitted as part of a proposal made by Willis Towers Watson.

Responsibilities: To ‘critique’ the current TfL pensions web pages, and suggest improvements to these.


  • An annotated UX review of the current desktop and mobile views.
  • Wireframes showing changes that could be made to the Pensions homepage based on the UX review.
  • UI design concepts for a new homepage, developed from the wireframe options based on TfL brand style.

TfL pensions UI mockups - concept A

TfL pensions homepage UI - concept A

TfL pensions UI mockups - concept B

TfL pensions homepage UI - concept B

TfL pensions UI wireframes

TfL pensions homepage wireframes

TfL pensions UX review

TfL pensions homepage UX review