Kano Computing - emails and web graphics

For: Kano email marketing and web development

Briefs: To design and produce:

  • Black Friday, Hour of code and Reviews emails
  • Cyber Monday website homepage background graphics
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Google banners

Responsibilities: The creative lead for on above projects, presenting work in progress to stakeholders at key intervals. Ensuring that:

  • Html files rendered correctly across all popular email clients and were optimised for desktop and mobile
  • Banners satisfied Google's technical requirements

Outcomes: As well as designing on brand emails in keeping with overall campaign creative, I optimised emails by:

  • Including mobile and desktop optimised hero images
  • Increasing body copy size to be more legible on mobile
  • Adding vibrant coloured backgrounds to break up selected content sections

For the Cyber Monday background image I worked closely with developers to ensure that the timer animation rendered correctly and was juxtaposed with the other elements across various screen breakpoints.

Kano email designs

Kano email designs for Hour of Code, Reviews and Black Friday campaigns.

Kano - Cyber Monday homepage

kano.me Cyber Monday home page animated banner image behind timer.

Kano - Black Friday Google ad

Black Friday Google ad

Kano - Cyber Monday Google ad

Cyber Monday Google ad